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The Queen Amunirdis Blog


Amenirdis I – Blog [WordPress]



EgyptSites – Reflections in the Nile


Egyptian Monuments



Egyptological Resources


Absolute Egyptology
Ottar Vendel’s site containing extensive text and more than 1000 illustrations on Ancient Egyptian history and religion



In French and English, by Robert Rothenfluq, this website is dedicated to the city of Abydos and contains very detailed descriptions with photographs and plans of the area, including temples and rituals.




A guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near
East on the web


A window into the ongoing work of Dr. Mark Lehner and the international team of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project



Amarna Project
The official website of the Amarna Project directed by Barry Kemp and Pamela Rose



Research Foundation
Dedicated exclusively to the advancement of interest and research in
the Amarna Period
Website dedicated to the Nubian Queen Amenirdis I, Dynsty XXV ‘God’s Wife of Amun’ in Thebes



Ancient Egypt – History and Chronology
English language version of Polish website covering every aspect of
Egyptian chronology



Ancient Egypt Portal
A portal for accessing Egyptological websites that are of potential
use and interest, subjects many and varied



Ancient Egypt Website
This site focuses on Egyptology information via images, with links to
reports, pictures and articles



Ancient Near East
Exploring and resourcing the Ancient Near East including sites and excavations in Egypt



Ancient World Tours
British tour company specialising in the highest quality adventures
to out of the ordinary places in Egypt and other World Heritage Sites



Antiguo Egipto
A photographic journey through Ancient Egypt by Juan de la Torre Suárez and Teresa Soria Trastoy



Antiquity News
The Ministry of Tourism of Egypt’s up-to-date listings of news and information on the ancient monuments of Egypt 



An Italian portal for archaeology, Egyptology and related subjects



Excellent resource site designed for students and others interested
in archaeology, anthropology and ancient civilisations – includes many topics on Ancient Egypt



Brooklyn Museum: Mut Project
Brooklyn Museum’s website documenting their archaeological work at the Temple Precinct of Mut at South Karnak.



British Museum
Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at The British Museum in London



Dakhla Oasis Project
A Study of environmental changes and Human activity in the Dakhla
region of the Western Desert



Deir el-Medina
Images of Deir el-Medina past & present by Lenka & Andy Peacock



Deir el-Medina Database
A survey of the New Kingdom non-literary texts from Deir el-Medina
of Leiden University



Digital Karnak
Experience Karnak temple in many new ways with the Digital Karnak Project from UCA.



Egypt State Information Service
Egypt’s main information awareness public relations agency – many useful links



Égypte Éternelle
Michel Guay’s French language site dedicated to the exploration and
study of Pharaonic Egypt



Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum’s official site which includes a virtual tour of
the galleries
Greg Reeder’s Egyptology site and information on KMT magazine



Egyptology Blog
Mark Morgan’s Egyptology news from around the world



Egyptology News
Andie Byrnes’s site for Egyptology news, updated daily, covering
the Egyptian past from the Predynastic to Late Period



Egyptology Online
Articles, news, study aids, recommended book lists, and a wealth
of interesting and factual information concerning Egypt



Egyptology Resources
Website of the Newton Institute, Cambridge to provide information
on Egyptological resources



Eternal Egypt
An illustrated visitor’s guide to Egypt by Stan Kurowski which includes many of the aspects often missed on the guided tour



Eternal Egypt
A tri-lingual interactive website from the SCA offering a journey
through Egyptian cultural history



Gavin’s Egyptomania Pages
Illustrating the inspiration Ancient Egypt has provided in all forms
of media in the last 200 years



Guardians Egypt
One of the most complete and inclusive websites on Ancient Egypt
– with a bulletin board covering serious Egyptological news and topics



Hierakonpolis Online
Official website of the Hierakonpolis Expedition



Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project
Epigraphic survey in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple by
the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, University of Memphis



The official excavation website for the newly discovered tomb in the
Valley of the Kings



Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt
Francesco Raffaele describes the earliest periods of Egyptian history



Luxor Magazine Online
Luxor Magazine is a tourist information magazine providing opening
times and news of the sites in the Luxor area



MFA Giza Archive
Providing integrated, online access to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Giza excavations



Mission Française des Fouilles d’Abou Rawach
French language site reporting on the excavations of the Dynasty IV
pyramids and necropolis at Abu Rawash, including maps and panoramic views



Museums with online collections
General web presences of major museums with material on Ancient



Mysteries of the Nile
Nova Online website with Quicktime views of Egyptian sites



North Kharga Oasis Survey
Results of the NKOS project to record the archaeology in North Kharga Oasis co-directed by Dr Corinna Rossi and Dr Salima Ikram



Oriental Institute, Chicago
The Epigraphic Survey based at Chicago House in Luxor, Egypt



Thierry Benderitter’s French and English language site devoted to the tombs and mastabas of Ancient Egypt, with regularly updated news and a vast collection of photographs



Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
The Petrie Museum has one of the most inspiring collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world



Pyramid of Man – The House of Going Forth by Day
An illustrated discussion by Vincent Brown on the architecture of Old
Kingdom pyramids



Pyramid Texts Online
An extension of Vincent Brown’s Pyramid site with interactive Pyramid Text translations



Richard & Angela Knisely-Marpole, archaeological surveyors, kite aerial photographers and members of the North Kharga Oasis Survey team.



Satellite Survey of Western Thebes
A Differential GPS Mapping Project of the Private Tombs of Sheikh
Abd el-Qurnah



Saqqara Online
The Leiden Excavations in the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara



Survey and Excavation Projects in Egypt
The official SEPE website detailing current excavations in the Eastern
Delta and Sinai directed by Dr Gregory Mumford



Tell Edfu Project
Uncovering a provincial capital



The Ancient Egypt Site
Website created by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer containing excellent
links to pages covering all aspects of Egyptology



Theban Tombs
Information on the owners of Theban tombs collected from different souces by Anneke Bart



The Plateau
The official website for Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the
Supreme Council of Antiquities



Theban Mapping Project
Interactive version of the Atlas of the Valley of the Kings by Dr
Kent Weeks



Theban Royal Mummy Project
Archaeological data about the royal mummies from the Theban cache
tombs presented by William Max Miller



French and English language site by Dr Renaud de Spens covering
all aspects of Egyptological study and research



Tour Egypt
Website of the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt – a complete Egypt guide



The cachette of royal mummies of the Theban Dynasty XXI – details of research from the Russian Academy of Sciences Centre for Egyptological Studies



Une promenade en Égypte
French language site by Alain Guilleux with almost 3,000 photographs with commentaries covering all sites in Egypt



UEE: Encyclopedia of Egyptology
Online information on publications by and for Egyptologists, and all
other disciplines that are involved in research in Egypt.



Upuat Website
Rudolf Gantenbrink’s website reporting his findings in the Great
Pyramid of Cheops



Valley of the Kings Foundation
The work of Dr Nicholas Reeves’s project 1998-2002 seasons in the
Kings Valley



Waseda Excavations
Excavations in Egypt by the Archaeological Mission of Waseda





Ancient Egypt and Middle East Society based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, UK



The American Research Center In Egypt, founded in 1948 to support
research on all phases of Egyptian civilisation and culture – includes
details of local chapters and upcoming events



– Asociación Andaluza de Egiptología Association to promote the study of Ancient Egypt in Spain


Egypt Exploration Society
Website of the EES – publications, news and events



Egypt Society of Bristol
Society based at University of Bristol



Egyptological Societies
A list of British and worldwide Egyptological societies and their



Friends of the Egypt Centre
Egyptology Society based at University of Wales Swansea



Manchester Ancient Egypt Society
MAES is one of the longest running Egyptology Societies in the UK



Egyptian appreciation society based in Prestwich, Manchester, UK



North East Lincolnshire Egyptology Association
Society based in the South Humber area of the UK



Plymouth and District Egyptology Society
Society serving Devon and Cornwall based in Plymouth, UK



Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt
Society based around South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, UK



Southampton Ancient Egypt Society
Society to promote interest in all aspects of Ancient Egyptian civilisation, based in Hampshire, UK



Sussex Egyptology Society
Egyptology Society based in Brighton, Horsham and Worthing, UK



Tameside Egypt Group
Egyptology Society based in Cheshire, UK



Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society
Society based at University of Reading, Berkshire, UK





Ancient Egypt
The history, people and culture of the Nile Valley – website of the British magazine researched and written by Egyptologists



A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt – the periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, arts and monuments of ancient Egypt



Museum Books
New and out-of-print books in the fields of Egyptology, Ancient
Near East, Classical World and selected archaeology





Archival Maps
Reproductions of old maps, illustrations and photographs, including
Napoleon’s survey of Egypt between 1798 and 1801



Digital art by Su Bayfield



Baciar Art
Photographic artworks in black and white, representing ancient and
modern of Egypt



Bernice Williams – Fine Art Photography
Black and white images and Polaroid transfers of sacred sites, landscape and people of Egypt



Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan 1905-1907
A photographic study by Professor James Henry Breasted and his colleagues



Beautiful travel photographs of Egypt and other fascinating countries
by Steve Underwood



Huib Blom’s superb collection of around 1000 photographs taken on
location in a number of African countries including Egypt



Institute Photographic Archive
Checklist of nineteenth-century studio photographs of Egypt at the
Griffith Institute at Oxford



Journey to the Ruins of Ancient Egypt
Evocative panoramic black and white images by photographer Zbigniew Kosc



The Egypt Archive
An archive of superb images of Egyptian antiquities by Jon Bodsworth



The Egyptian Theben Desert
Photographs taken 1993-2002 by Yarko Kobylecky



The Pyramids of Egypt
Frank P Roy’s collection of stunning images of the Pyramid Fields



Thebes Photographic Project
Tom Van Eynde’s panoramic photographs of Thebes







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